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COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone



Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology.

Our improved ANC technology significantly reduces noise to help you focus on what you want to hear. ANC works both with and without the audio cable and is great for reducing noise during long trips on a plane or in places with city traffic.

Superior Sound Quality.

The superior sound quality of the E8 is 25% stronger than that of our earlier E7 model. The 100dB give a deep, powerful, and crisp sound — making your overall listening experience just that much better.

Stable Battery Life.

COWIN E8 headphones have a rechargeable 545mAh battery that, with ANC or Bluetooth on, has a 20-hour life to it—providing you with almost a full day of listening!



Noise Terminator
We cannot control the voice of this world, but we can choose what we like to hear.



Dual active noise reduction technology
E8 headset uses two AMS AS3435 chips, quad-core channel architecture, combined with feedforward and feedback two active noise reduction technology, help you focus on what you want to hear.



4 pieces microphones
A total of 4 pieces of high sensitive microphones are used inside and outside the earphone cavity to accurately capture ambient noise



Free yourself from noise
It continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise, then cancels it with the opposite signal. 



Electroacoustic diagram

Use Cowin’s 10-year audio technology to arm the Cowin E8 with better sound, clear midrange and treble, deep bass, giving you more music details.




Highly configured sound
COWIN E8 carefully selects every accessory,45mm large-aperture drivers give you crisp and powerful sound,The N50 high-strength magnet has a higher resolution,32Ω speaker provides more detail.




More Comfortable
Upgraded Soft Ear Cushions, COWIN E8 ANC Headphones are comfortable with pillow-like softness on the headband and protein ear cushions, while the earcups rotate for a fine-tuned fit.



Detachable ear pads
8 powerful magnets for suction, flexible dismantled ear pads


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